Free Trial Thursday: 8/13/20

September 27, 2022
Free Trial Thursday: 8/13/20


  1. If you are a new member or interested in a Free Trial Class, please contact us by email (with received confirmation) before your first class.
  2. Review all COVID-19 Policies and Procedures HERE. You can also WATCH THIS VIDEO .
  3. If you have recently traveled out of State, or came to Vermont from a different State. You must abide by self-quarantine guidelines FOUND HERE.
  4. If you have traveled, YOU MUST WAIT ONE WEEK before getting tested.


LIVE Zoom Classes

Streaming LIVE at 12:00 and 4:30pm Monday-Friday (last Zoom class August 14th)Meeting ID: 504-063-0477 Link HERE__________________________

The Board

9 minutes of work, 4 minutes transition

The Warm-Up

You will only complete the warm-up for your start station. All warm-ups are 5 minutes

Back Squats- Station #1

9 minutes to work to a heavy set of 3. If you are new, focus on form and technique rather than weight. Don't forget to rest between sets!

Station #2 - Row & Run

Use this time to perfect your row! Row form is often neglected. Don't waste time and energy on inefficient form. Take a look at the video for some great tips!

Station #3 - Lunges

The Finisher

Grass to Building Sprints (75 yards)3 at 85%2-5 at 100%*Walk back to the start for your rest

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