Free Trial Thursday 9/7/23

September 6, 2023
Free Trial Thursday 9/7/23

Scheduling Error

If you saw our post earlier this week, we had to make a change to the Olympic Lifting class on Friday (that was advertised). We will NOT be meeting this coming Friday for Oly Lift.

The Mobility

The Warm-up

During Board Explanation Warm-up:

Phelps Swings


The Strength

We are continuing to work on percentages based on our 1 Rep Max found a few weeks ago. If you do not know what your 1 Rep Max is or are a new CrossFitter, you will simply use the percentages as an RPE (Rate of perceived exertion) to determine how much weight should be on your bar. You can increase weight if it feels good and the form is on point. Form first, weight increase second.

The Met-Con

Athlete 1 will sprint 100m while athlete 2 will work their way through the AMRAP portion. Athlete 1 will pick up where A2 left off. You will switch on and off in this manner for 18:00.



Box Jumps

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