Monday 8/16/21

September 27, 2022
Monday 8/16/21

The Board

Don't forget a long sock if you want to rope climb!We are kicking this week off with a BANG! Please scale appropriately, even if it mean mix and matching all levels.

The Mobility

Lat Foam RollBanded Lat Stretch (1/2 Kneeling)

The Warm-Up

A-T-V-TDown Dog Toe TouchScapular Pull-Ups

The Strength

The strength is a build/warm-up leading into the WOD. We will get 3 to 4 rounds of this max, using it as a primer for what is ahead.Barbell Bent Over Row (Reg & Rev)Double Under TipsStrict Pull-Up and scaling


Big rep schemes will make this WOD tough for many. Please scale appropriately. A few things to note:

  1. You cannot rope climb unless you have a long sock or shin guard. If you tear on the rope, please tell a coach.
  2. Today is not a day to learn to climb the rope. If you have never done it, please wait until we have a technique day to learn.
  3. The ropes must be shared. It is a large number so pick someone to partner up with, you go, I go style.
  4. In order for Chest to Bars to count. Your chest must make contact with the bar.
  5. Toes Raises are a great way to build kipping toes to bar strength. Don't underestimate their significance.

Chest to Bar Pull-Up (scaling)Pull-Ups& ScalingTTB/KAH/Toe Raises

The Finisher

Landmine V-Sits

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