Monday 2/1/21

September 27, 2022
Monday 2/1/21

Tee Shirt Order Form

More Information about The CrossFit Open and Tee Shirt Order Form Is HERE. This email will explain what the CrossFit Open is, and it will provide a link to order a tee shirt if you would like. There is also a link to re-order some of the apparel that came in before Christmas.

Monday 2/1/21

Station #1

Mobility Squat

Station #2

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW and correct these 2 common flaws we see on a regular basis. We row so much, why wouldn't you want to perfect your form?!

Station #2

Complete 6 Rounds THEN row as many meters as you can in the time remaining. Your score should be number of meters rowed, however if you don't make it there, your score will be total rounds = reps completed.

Station #3

The Finisher


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