Hatch Wk 2 Day 2: 1/17/20

September 27, 2022
Hatch Wk 2 Day 2: 1/17/20

Remember, our second day of Hatch will be a complimentary leg day (deadlift/lunge type movements) and the Hatch Program will be done as Extra Work. For those that did it last week post WOD, you understood what we meant when we said LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Most will have to decrease the load on their bar, than recommended. This is not weakness, it is because you are doing the work after a leg focused day.Friday's Strength will include Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Walking Lunges

Single-Arm Training Benefits

1. Increased Core Stability

When you train with one arm, you usually find yourself either leaning away from the weight or leaning into it. The benefit to your core comes when you resist the urge to lean, lock down your core and keep it level.To understand what this feels like, start with a One-Arm Dumbbell Press. Your body will want to turn into the weight, but the key is to resist the rotation and keep your body straight. Done correctly, it is a great way to improve your stability and control your core.2. Increased Limb ControlLifting with one arm requires more focus on the exercise. You need to grip the weight harder to lower it and then press it back up under control.When you learn to lock down your shoulder blade, you will increase your shoulder stability, especially when your arm is fully extended overhead. So focus on locking that arm out and staying balanced under load.

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