The Mixed Grip: 10/21/19

September 27, 2022
The Mixed Grip: 10/21/19


20.2 was a LONG one! There were many firsts in this one as well as some very exciting moments as so many surprised themselves with the DB weight they were able to achieve! We have 83 total sign-ups here at 802 and it is our biggest year yet. Thanks for bringing so much excitement and support to this years Open... Even those that came only to cheer. It means so much to us!


As you all know, programming through the Open is a bit interesting.... We must do movements at the beginning of the week, that may show up towards the end of the week. That being said, you need to be your best judge on how heavy to go, how intense you make the WOD etc. depending on how you feel/when you did the Open WOD. Be smart.

The Mixed Grip Deadlift

Often when things start to get heavy, you will see some athletes switching things over to what is called a Mixed Grip.Typically, athletes warm-up with a normal grip (both palms facing you) and use it as long as they are able. This will build grip strength. Once your grip cant hold the bar, it is then a good idea to switch to the mixed grip.With the mixed grip you grab the bar like a baseball bat:onehand facing up, the other down. Most people prefer dominant hand up. You dont need to switch which hand faces up on each set.The mixed grip improves grip for deadlifts by cancelingthe rotation of the bar. With the normal grip, both palms face you. When your thumbs fail to keep your hands closed, thebar rolls to you. This opens your hands and causes you to lose the bar. With the mixed grip your one hand also faces down. But the other faces up. The bar can no longer rotate in your hands.When things start to get heavy, give it a try!Read more

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