Friday 1/6/23

January 5, 2023
Friday 1/6/23

January Row Challenge

What is the Concept2 Virtual Challenge?! Throughout the year, Concept2 hosts a variety of individual and team challenges that seek to motivate and challenge us by utilizing their equipment: The Bike Erg, The Ski Erg, and the Rower. The annual Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge is here!From January 1st through 31st, teams from all over the world erg AMMAP (as many meters as possible) to see who can do the most. 802 CrossFit has participated the last 5 yearsSign-ups are live, and you can do so and learn more about this challenge (and other Concept2 challenges) by visiting

A triple AMRAP Station Day to close out the week! Hang on tight, it's a spicy one!

The Warm-Up

You will do one warm-up depending on your coach assigned start station


Station #1

We are going to be sampling some CrossFit Open WODs leading up to the Open at the end of February. Don't know what the Open is? Stay tuned! Plenty of information will be coming.

Station #1 is a 9:00 AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible), but when this was programmed it was intended to be 10 Rounds for Time.We did increase the female weight from 65-75# since it is only 9:00.

Station #2

9:00 Up Ladder

The Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDLHP) will go up by 3's each round.

The * is for the Wall Balls which will remain 9 every round.

For Example:

Work as high as you can up the ladder in 9:00

Station #3

The Finisher

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