Friday 4/12/23

April 13, 2023
Friday 4/12/23

Friday FUNday! 

For the next four weeks, we are adding fun to Fridays that everyone can jump in on, but those who are doing the nutirtion challenge will get extra points for participating.


Grab a buddy and let's see those twinning outfits! 

The Mobility

Barbell Quad Roll/Smash

Extended Child Pose

The Warm-up

8-9:00 working through the following movements

Strapless Strokes

Banded Strict Press

Backwards Monster Walk

Gravel Run

Overhead Squat Build

The Strength

6 Rounds on a 3:00 Loop

Overhead Squat :03 Pause in the hole (board says 0:02 which is incorrect)

Active rest: TTB/KAH/Toe Raises

The Met-con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 18:00


Walking Lunges


The Finisher

Bicycle Crunch

Landmine Curtsy

Landmine Wood Chop

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