Tuesday 8/15/23

August 14, 2023
Tuesday 8/15/23


Our 10 year anniversary party celebration is this weekend! Aug 18-20! We will not be holding classes Friday evening or all weekend long!

The Mobility

Table Top

PVC Front Rack Stretch

The Warm-up

1 Round of:

Air Squats

Squat Jumps

Gravel Run or :20 Mono

Then Coach Led:

Round 1 - Clean Deadlift

Round 2 - Clean Pull

Round 3 - Clean

Round 4 - Split Jerk

The Strength

On a 3:00 Loop for 6-7 Rounds of:

Clean Deadlift

Clean Pull


Split Jerk

 *You can drop the bar in between the clean pull and the clean to reset the grip.

The Met-con

4 Rounds Every Minute on the Minute for 16:00

Min 1: Max Cal Echo/Assault

Min 2: Max Wall Walks

Min 3: Max Cal Row

Min 4: Max Hang Power Clean (HPC)

*This is going to hurt, keep to a pace that you can maintain as there is no programmed rest

The Finisher

Clean Pulls @ 80% of IRM Clean

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