Get to The Bar: 10/28/19

September 27, 2022
Get to The Bar: 10/28/19

Chest to Bar Pull-Up Tips

  1. Just like the kipping pull-up, when your Chest hits the bar in C2B Pull-Ups, you should be in a Hollow Body Position. This will get you in a better position to wind up into the next rep. If you rely too heavily on driving with the hips, your chest becomes overextended into an arch (when you make contact), causing you to drop straight down, losing your momentum.
  2. Instead of driving the elbows straight back behind you (causing overextension) think about sending the elbows BACK AND DOWN and lean into the pull-up bar. The analogy used in the video below: pretend the pull-up bar is a fence and you are going to jump up to look over the top of it.

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