Happy Birthday Coach 8/29/22

August 28, 2022
Happy Birthday Coach 8/29/22

Today, is the one and only, Tarken Chase's Birthday!

For those of you joining us on 8/29 for the very first time, get ready for this 'fun-filled' Birthday WOD! 


Back in the day, when we were just starting out, we used to let members come up with a WOD to do on their birthday... These WOD's were always filled with an individuals favorite movements, or things they were really good at...

Then comes Tarken.

To be a rebel, he decided to come up with a WOD filled with something he didn't like at all. Hence, a WOD, filled with RUNNING!

We have probably done this work-out for about 7 or 8 years straight and this year will be no different. So put your party hats on and join us Monday!


Couch Stretch

Wall Birthing Stretch

Calf Wall Stretch


This WOD has a long time cap. We are going to keep board brief very short, assuming you read the details below, and let you jump right into the warm-up. Please review the movements and layout below. If you have questions or need modifications, let the coach know asap during the warm-up.

Lateral Lunges

Walk the Dog

BB --> Wod weight STOH (Push Jerk)

Light --> Wod weight Wall Balls


8/29/21 REPEAT

Down, up ladder with a 40:00 time cap.

You will try to get down the list then go all the way back up under the time cap.

Bar Hops

Reverse Prison Lunge

STOH- Push Jerk

Wall Balls

Rx=30/20, Per=20/14, Fit=12/10

*The volume of these movements is a lot. Make sure you are completing full range of motion and keeping good form as you are going through the workout

See below for 2021 Board Pic

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