Monday 1/23/23

January 22, 2023
Monday 1/23/23


Lat Foam Roll

Preacher on Box

Banded Strict Press


*Half the class will start in the met-con station and half of the class will start in the strength station. These have different warm-ups; the strength warm-up will roll into the actual lifting piece while the met-con group will continue warming up before the workout.

Met-con warm-up

For 9:00

:30 Row

Round 1-

Round 2-

Round 3-

Strength Warm-up

For 6:00

:20 Bike

Round 1-

Round 2 -

Round 3-

*Do all the movements below each round as well


As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 13:00

*Those who start here, when you finish the met-con you will have 6:00 to transition to the strength. Your body will be nice and warm, but you should still do the build.


10:00-13:00 Build to 1 Rep Max

Push Jerk


Split Jerk


6-8 Rounds

:30 Max Bike Sprint/ 1:30 Rest

Shrugs (w/ DB)

Oblique Crunch

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