Monday 12/27/21

September 27, 2022
Monday 12/27/21

The Board

The Mobility

Prize Squat

The Warm-Up

Reverse Lunge + Reach

The Strength

5-6 Rounds ~ 2:30 LoopWe will not be recording a weight for the strength because we want you to choose a weight that allows you to produce explosive reps.You will do one squat Clean. As you drive out of the hole, gain power to explode the bar to the back rack position. After 5 explosive back squats, drive the bar back to the front to complete one final front squat.Move to the rower. Pull 10 times, but make them BIG POWERFUL pulls, not just your average pace ones.Plate Squat Hops are next. Your goal is to use 45# plates, but do not go any higher than 3 plates.

The Met Con

As Many Reps as Possible.You must work until the timer sounds before you switch to the next movement.

The Finisher

Step-Ups (hold two dumbbells/kettlebells)

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