Fitness Friday 11/20/20

September 27, 2022
Fitness Friday 11/20/20

Covid Updates

If you have not already, please read our latest email HERE with Covid Updates that was sent out on Monday.

Change of Shoes

Whether there is snow on the ground or not, there is a lot of salt and sand that gets tracked in. November thru April, please change out of your dirty shoes at the door and put your clean shoes on at your station.

Relieving Doorway Congestion

We are trying to relieve doorway congestion between back to back classes.... Please remove your shoes upon entry, walk them to the door near the lockers (garage door room) and leave them there. When you exit, you will be able to use the garage door room as an exit instead. Please line them up neatly on the carpet.

The Board

Notice that all stations will be doing Air Squats every minute on the minute throughout the WODs. You do not need to do the AS at the start, or at the finish.

The Warm-Ups

Station #1

Station #2

Performance Folks.... Remember, the Toe Raises that were done in the warm-up are a great drill for learning to string your TTB together AND building strength in your shoulders and core for this movement. Instead of flinging yourselves up just to hit that bar any way you can. Learn how to properly keep tension and do Toe Raises instead!

Station #3

The Finisher

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