Monday 5/30/22

September 23, 2022
Monday 5/30/22

Amazing Saturday we had this weekend! Great work to EVERYONE! Way to push through and dig deep into the mental and physical battle MURPH always is.For those that did not get a chance to do MURPH this Saturday, you can do it today. People will be gathering around 8:30 to complete MURPH, and for those looking to do a shake-out from MURPH on Saturday and just get their sweat on there is open gym from 8-10.REMINDER!!!! ONLY OPEN GYM 8-10. ALL OTHER CLASSES CANCELLED!

The Board

Here is the suggested shake-out from this weekend:

The Shake-Out

You will work for a total of 18 minutes. You will start with a buy-in calorie ski based on the level chosen. You will then move through all the following movements to complete as many repetitions as possible in the remaining time.

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