Monday 7/3/23

July 2, 2023
Monday 7/3/23

Holiday Schedule

Monday 7/3: 8am and 9:10am Classes only!

Tuesday 7/4: NO CLASSES! Happy Fourth of July

The Warm-up: 

3 Rounds (9:00-10:00)

0:30 Row

Air Squats --> MB Toss--> Wall Balls

CWC --> Russian KBS--> Kettlebell Swing

Step-Ups --> Squat Jump --> Box Jumps

Easy Push Ups

Light STOH --> WOD Weight STOH

Tap Swings & Tap Swing Pulls-->Pull-Ups

The Met-Con

The team complete 1,776 total repetitions, with not more than 100 reps of any single movement, and each team member must complete at least 20 reps of each movement. Score is the time it takes to complete the full workout.

-Ideally, each person completes 54 reps of each movement, choose one movement to do 52 reps of....

-If one teammate completes all of their reps, they can then help someone else out to complete theirs....

“Team 1776”- For Time (in a Team of 3)

Kettlebell Swing

Box Jumps

Air Squats



Ab Mat Sit-Up (AMSU)

Row (for calories)

Wall Balls

Ball Slams

Dumbbell STOH


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