NO Free Trial: 2/20/20

September 27, 2022
NO Free Trial: 2/20/20


Reminder, we will be out of town and Keith White & Jen DeMasi will be covering classes thru Tuesday. To make this transition smooth, we will not be offering Free Trial Classes on Thursday 2/20.

Schedule Changes

2/20 Thursday: No 6:30pm2/21 Friday: No 8:00am2/22 Saturday: No Kids Classes - Run Group (Independent)2/23 Sunday: No Open Gym2/24 Monday: No 8:00am - No 6:30pm2/25 Tuesday: No 6:30pm - Run Group (Independent)

Bench Week 7

We will be on the Bench again picking up where we left off last week. This week, the rep scheme will go as follows...

  1. Quick off bench warm-up
  2. On bench warm-up: 15 reps (barbell) 10 reps (light weight) 5 reps (little more)
  3. Heavy Single X 3 rounds **This should be about 97% of your 1RM
  4. Then... 5X3 (5 sets of 3 reps) @ 87.5% of your 1RM

Bodyweight At Home WOD

Strength:10 minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute) Push-UpsModify kneeling or elevated using a couch/table/bench.*If cannot complete given reps with rest before next minute hits, lower the rep scheme so you have at least 30 seconds before next round begins.Rx=12/8 Per=10/6 Fit=8/6 (kneeling/elevated)WOD10Rounds For Time:6 Burpees12 Sit-Ups6/4 Push-Ups (or kneeling/elevated)12 Air Squats

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