Pause Squat Week Six: 6/24/19

September 27, 2022
Pause Squat Week Six: 6/24/19

Pause Squat Week 6

Using 85% of your PAUSE 1RM (found last Monday - see board below), complete a 3X3 Front Squat with a 0:05 Pause at the bottom and a 0:12 Pause at the top. If you don't know your Pause 1 RM, you will be working up in weight each round with proper form and technique.

WHY Pause Squats?

Pause squats are a great option to improve your strength and power out of the hole in the squat. Pause squats will not only help you build strength by diminishing or eliminating the benefits of the stretch reflex out of the hole, they will also build static, supportive strength in the lower back, hips and abs, teach you to stay tight and help your body find its strongest position.

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