Running Endurance: 7/2 & 7/6

September 27, 2022
Running Endurance: 7/2 & 7/6

We are doing Hill sprints for Running Endurance this week. Rx/Per will be to and from the hill just beyond Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Fitness... you will park in the lot at Green Mountain and then run to the hill for warm-up and cool down. Some may not know where this is... don't worry, we will lead you there! But don't go alone!RX 4 X 20 sec4 X 30 sec3 X 35 secRun from 802 after WUPerformance3 X 20 sec3 X 30 sec3 X 35 secRun from 802 after WUFitness3 X 20 sec walk3 X 30 sec walk3 X35 sec walkWU then park behind GMCR near hill

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