Running Endurance: 8/27 & 8/31

September 27, 2022
Running Endurance: 8/27 & 8/31

Keith will be out of town on 8/27 so be sure to warm-up before jumping in to this program.


Warm-Up (All Levels)400m easy jog (200m and back)10 Toe Touches High with swing back (total)10 Toe Touches Low (total)20 Ankle Rotations (total)200m easy jog (100m and back)10 Hip Mobility Out (total)10 Alternating Walking Knee Grabs (total)20 High Knees (total)20 Butt Kicks (total)RX500 M mod500 M easy200 M Fast1:30 restX 5Performance500 M mod500 M easy200 M Fast1:30 restX 4Fitness400 M mod400 M easy(walk is ok)150 M Faster1:30 restX 5

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