Running Endurance: Week of 6/8/7

September 27, 2022
Running Endurance: Week of 6/8/7

Because we have so many people running with our Challenge, we thought it would be nice to do a longerish Test and Re-Test Run. The name of the game is going through the warm-up with some energy. Your distance run will be far better if you put effort into your warm-up runs.RXPerformanceFitness3200 M AQAP2400 M AQAP1600 M AQAP WARM - UPRun loop10-TTL10-TTH10-Jumping jacksRun loop X 210-heel walks10-toe walks10-CWC10-jumping AS400M X 3 :45 rest200M X 3 :30 rest100M X 3 :20 rest.800M X 13:00 rest - do prescribedDistance above.

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