Running Endurance: Week of 9/14/20

September 27, 2022
Running Endurance: Week of 9/14/20

CONGRATULATIONS to all our Vermont Remembers Virtual Runners! We are so proud of you!!!

Week of 9/14/20

Warm-UpRun loop10-TTL10-TTH10-G2OHRun loop X 220-penquins10-CWC10-AS10-Air thrusters RXPerformanceFitness400m 75%400m 75%30 min walk/run1 min rest1 min rest400m 75%400m 75%1 min rest1 min rest4 X 100m sprints 90%4 X 100m sprints 90%:30 rest between each:30 rest between each400m 75%400m 75%3 min rest3 min restX 4X 3

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