The Tripod Foot:7/8/19

September 27, 2022
The Tripod Foot:7/8/19

Pause Squat Week 8

Using the Pause 1RM we found last week (see board below) we will take 83% of that weight and perform 3 sets of 3 reps with a :03 Pause at the bottom and a 0:10 Pause at the Top. Our back squats will then resume moving up to 75% of our true BS 1RM.

The Tripod Foot

When we squat, we need the foot to be stable and maintain its natural arch. When we create a good arch in our foot, we inevitably form what we call a tripod foot. The three points of the tripod consists of the heel, the base of the 1st toe and the base of the 5th toe.Our foot is basically like a three wheeled motorcycle. Our goal when squatting should be to maintain the arch of our feet and have our weight distributed evenly like the three wheels of a motorcycle. If all of the wheels are in contact with the ground we get more power. If one wheel is off the ground or if the body bottoms out, power is lost and the motorcycle breaks down. When our foot is out of position (arch collapse) stability and power is lost.Once we can get our athletes to adopt a better position with their feet, a lot of the other movement problems they have will take care of themselves. The body naturally starts to assume better positions because it is now moving from a stable platform. In doing so, we not only improve movement quality but also decrease pain and improve our performance. This all starts with solidifying our base.

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