Thursday 2/25/21

September 27, 2022
Thursday 2/25/21

Saturday Heat Schedule

22.1 Details

Please feel free to begin to check out details on your own at games.crossfit.comWe will do an entire blog post to include mobility and wod tips that will go live Friday nightYou MUST watch/review all content before Saturday. You have to have an understanding of the WOD and score sheet before coming to class.

The Board

If you are doing The Open, and want to come Friday, please treat this as an active rest day. Keep it light and just sweat!

The Met-Con

10 Rounds2:00 WORK - 1:00 RESTThis work-out begins on the RowerYou will row as many meters as possible in 0:45In the remainder of the 2:00, you will AMRAP the following movements

Don't forget where you leave off before the rest because that is where you will pick back up the next round.You will give 2 scores at the end. Total meters, and total rounds/reps

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