Tuesday 11/3/2020

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 11/3/2020

New Entry & Clean Shoes

Winter weather is here! Please begin entering through the far porch door (carpeted area), and bring a clean, dry pair of shoes to change into UPON ENTERING.

Overhead Mobility Workshop

Do you struggle getting a barbell comfortably overhead? Do you lack range of motion or experience pain performing the snatch, overhead squat or shoulder to overhead movements? If you would like to learn how to alleviate pain and gain more range of motion in these movements, join us Saturday, 11/7 from 11am-12:00pm.Cost $10. Space is limited:Reserve your spot HERE

The Board

The Warm-Up


The Strength



Changed the run to a row due to cold/snow. You are welcome! https://youtu.be/R3h9bhbLfus

The Finisher


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