Tuesday 3/31/20: Boulder Shoulders

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 3/31/20: Boulder Shoulders

Input Received

The members have spoken! We put together the above schedule based on requests. We will run this schedule as a trial and see what works well/what does not! Please keep your feedback coming, and share your Zoom experiences with others!


We are asking all participants of Live Classes to use MindBody to sign-in. This will help us manage class size. MindBody will also show you the class schedule for the day.

Links To Sign-In

Meeting ID number: 504-063-0477

The Board

Announcing LIVE from 802 CrossFit East (not North).https://youtu.be/L56tHLDvOZI

The Strength

Shoulder to Overhead Complex


The Warm-Up

3 Roundshttps://youtu.be/TeZvTJFw7kU


Weight SuggestionsRx:KBS: 70/55# or 50/35# DB with laced fingers to an OH positionSTOH: Barbell 95/75 with 12 total reps OR Dumbbell 50/35# 12 total reps (or 6 per side)Performance:KBS: 55/35# or 35/25# DB with laced fingers to OH positionSTOH: Barbell 75/55# or DB 35/25# 12 total reps (or 6 per side)Fitness:KBS: 35/25 - sub Russian Swings if need be OR 20/10# DB 12 total reps (or 6 per side) https://youtu.be/yXMeambNduo

The Extra Work:

Rx= Wall Walks (belly to wall)2 to 4 repsPer = 1/2 Wall Walk OR Pike HSPU 4-10 repsFitness = HSPU 4-10 reps with pillows stacked under head to limit range of motionhttps://youtu.be/ITIuI0ds0AQ

The Best Part...


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