Tuesday 5/2/23

May 1, 2023
Tuesday 5/2/23

Saturday 5/6

We are hosting a CrossFit Level 1 seminar on Sat/Sun 5/6 & 5/7, therefore do not have building access for weekend classes. We are keeping an eye on the weather, and if it allows, we will hold ONE CLASS for adults and maybe kids at 9am on the green next to our building. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!

Ready to Run Seminar

If you are plagued with running related pain, and find this movement extremely difficult, sign yourself up for our Ready to Run Seminar on Monday, 5/8 at 5:40pm. Free for all 802 members.

The Mobility

Banded Hamstring

The Warm-Up

8:00 Working through the following movements

Lunge, Reach, Touch, Stretch



Banded DL Activates

Build Deadlift Weight

The Strength

2:30 Loop


Active Rest: Step-Ups--> Box Jumps and/or Strapless Power Strokes

The Met-Con

For Time with a 20:00 Time Cap

Row Buy In

Burpee Box Jump Over

Double Unders


* You will buy in with a row, then go into the set reps/distance for BBJO, DU, and run. You will do say 20 BBJO - 100 DU - and then 400 run, then come in and do the next round.

The Finisher


Oblique Crunch

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