Tuesday 9/21/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 9/21/21

Gymnastics Work-Shop

This will be the first seminar we will host. Those that are not at the 'advanced' level, be on the look-out. We will be hosting another focusing on strict pull-ups, kipping, and handstand push-ups in the future.

The Board

The Strength

The Strength is a continuation of your warm-up. You will get as many rounds as you can in before you start the WOD. This should be treated as a movement specific warm-up leading into the WOD. Move through with some intensity so you have a good sweat going before the WOD begins.Dumbbell Row


This work-out contains higher reps with some higher skilled gymnastics movements. Use any mix and match of Rx/Per/Fit that makes sense for you, to get the job done!DON'T FORGET A TALL SOCK IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ROPE CLIMB!Chest to Bar Pull-Up (scaling)https://youtu.be/2bS9MySipnk

The Finisher

Lu PressBent Over Reverse Fly

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