Wednesday 10/13/21

September 27, 2022
Wednesday 10/13/21

The Board

Station Day! 8 minutes in each station - 4 minutes to transition to the nextYou will do one warm-up depending on your assigned start stationDon't forget to to assign a station scorekeeper!

The Mobility

Lat Foam Roll

Station #1

4 Rounds for Time of: Rowing, Air Squats and Ab Mat Sit-upsTime Caps are tight - if you do not finish, don't worry - your score will be total rounds plus additional reps completed.So often overlooked is your form and technique on the rower. Take the time to go through this check-list as you row...

  1. After the pull to extension, do you straighten your arms then bend your knees? You should! Keeping this cadence will greatly improve your row efficiency and fatigue.
  2. Is the chain flapping up and down while you row? The chain should remain straight. A floppy chain means a breakdown in mechanics, effecting again your efficiency and fatigue.
  3. Do you roll your seat all the way to your feet on the return? You should only row your seat as far forward that allows you to keep your shoulders in front of your hips. Going further makes you lose the power of the leg drive.

Station #2

4 Rounds for Time of: Running, Air Squats and Ab Mat Sit-Ups

Station #3

4 Rounds for Time of: Step-Up and Over, Air Squats and Ab Mat Sit-Ups

The Finisher

Clam ShellsSeated Hip Abduction

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