Wednesday 3/2/22

September 27, 2022
Wednesday 3/2/22

The Board

Met-Con first and Deadlift/Mini-Metcon? to follow...

The Met-Con

20:00 Up LadderFor Rounds 1-10, your Double Unders will be 10 reps (or 0:15 for Fitness)For Rounds 11 +, you will do 20 DU (or 0:20 for Fitness)

5:00 Transition

Get your station ready so that you have plates available to build the DL. Feel free to partner up.

The Strength/Mini-Metcon II

12:00 Every Minute on the MinuteThis will be a loose minute running clock. The reason for this is you will building your weight on the bar, which will take time to add weight. Your goal is to stick to that clock as close as possible. The loading of the barbell, your choice of Kettle Bell weight, and AMSU reps should not be what is preventing you from sticking to that clock.The Deadlifts must be a weight you can Touch and Go.

The Finisher

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