Wednesday 3/29/23

March 28, 2023
Wednesday 3/29/23

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

General Warm-up

Station #1 Warm-up

:30 Bike

Rope Knee 2 Elbows --> Rope Climbs

Station #2 Warm-up

:30 Row

Ball To Shoulder Build

Station #3 Warm-up

Down Up Step-Up and Over --> Box Facing Burpees

Kettlebell Swing Build

Station Day

8:00 each station with a 4:00 transition

Station #1

Calorie Bike

Up Ladder with Rope Climbs

*Calories on the bike stay the same the entire time while the rope climbs increase by one each round

Station #2

Calorie Row

Ball To Shoulder Up Ladder

*Calories on the rower stay the same the entire time while the ball to shoulder increase by 2 each round

Station #3

Box Facing Burpee Burpee Box Jump Over

Kettlebell Swing Up Ladder

*Box Facing Burpee Burpee Box Jump Overs stay the same while the KBS increase by 1 each round

The Finisher

Lu Press

Suitcase Carry ( a single arm carry as opposed to 2 implements like a farmers carry)

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