Wednesday 4/19/23

April 19, 2023
Wednesday 4/19/23

Open Gym

This Sunday! A great opportunity to work on skills you don't have time for during the week (handstand push-ups, rope climbs, pull-up technique etc). Please don't use this as a time to do a crazy WOD off the internet. Use it as a time to refine your skills or make up a WOD you missed earlier in the week! 

The Mobility

T-Spine Wall Extension

Scapular Mobility (Foam Roll & Lax Smash)

The Warm-Up



Arm Circles Forward

Banded Strict Press

0:30 Bike/Row

Coach Led

5-8 reps each PVC Strict Press - Push-Press - Push-Jerks - Split Jerk

The Strength

2:30 Loop

Work your way down each column. For example: Round 1= 3SP+2PP+2PJ+2SJ

New CrossFitters eliminate Split Jerk

You will do a full clean to get the bar to the shoulders

Active Rest: 6 Power Snatch Build + 8 Split Stance Squats

The Met-Con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions as Possible in 15:00

The Finisher

Lu Press

Bent Over Reverse Fly

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