Wednesday 6/2/21

September 27, 2022
Wednesday 6/2/21

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The Board

The Mobility

Banded Hip Opener3 Point Hip OpenerWall Birthing (coach demo)

Station 1 (from floor)

Be careful moving the bar from the front, to the back of your body. If you have shoulder restrictions, you may either go from the rig, or perform all front squats instead.

Station 2

Station 3

Your goal is to row as many calories as possible. However, you will be interrupted at 3-2-1 Go, and every 2:00 to get off the rower and perform 2 movements.

When the timer goes off at 8:00, you will have to sprint through the down/ups and lunges to make it back on the rower and get any remaining calories you can!

The Finisher

Monster Walk

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