Wednesday 7/12/23

July 12, 2023
Wednesday 7/12/23

Olympic Lifting Friday

Open Gym 'WOD For Christina'

This Sunday, 7/16 Open Gym is on the schedule from 9:00-11:00am. Open Gym is a GREAT time to work on weaknesses or make up a WOD you may have missed during the week.

This week, we are hoping to gather a group of people to hop in on a tribute WOD for the sister of former 802 Coach, Mike Crow. Mike's sister, Christina, passed away on July 4th after a hard battle with brain cancer. Although we never had the pleasure of meeting Christina, we have heard so many stories of her over the years as Mike and her were quite close. For those of you that don't know him, the legendary Mike Crow, was one of our very first coaches at 802. Mike will always have a special place in our hearts and we are honored to jump in on this tribute for his sister.

Christina has 2 young children and the family has set up a GoFundMe if any of you would like to make a family donation. Regardless, PLEASE JOIN US! The WOD will begin at 9:30am.

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The Mobility

Lat Foam Roll

Scap Activates

The Warm-Up

8:00 Working through the following movements


Strapless Stroke

Scapular Pull-Ups-->Strict Pull-Up Build and set-up

Dumbbell Row Build

Shoulder Openers

Prone Scorpions

The Strength

6 Rounds (on a 3:00 Loop)

Dumbbell Row on Flat Bench


Strict Pull-Up (banded)

*Get good extension at the bottom and have controlled pull-ups

The Met-con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 14:00

Buy In:

Calorie Row

AMRAP time remaining

Kettlebell Swing



*Calorie row will need to be under 3:00, push hard on the row and then get as many rounds/repetitions as possible in the remaining time

The Finisher

Bent Over Reverse Fly

Tire Sledge

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