22.2 with Mal O'Brien

September 27, 2022
22.2 with Mal O'Brien

22.2 with Mal O'Brien

The current leader of the 2022 CrossFit Open, Mal O'Brien will be joining us to do 22.2 at 9:30am!This is a very special opportunity for us, and we want to show her what 802 is all about!Spectators welcome!However, we must remember some very important things...

  1. Strategy and Scoring is very important to these top athletes. YOU MAY NOT SHARE HER SCORE to anyone not present or on any public forum.
  2. You cannot video or post their entire performance to any public forum.
  3. You can take photos but we will have our own photographer and videographers present.
  4. Play it cool! They will be arriving around 8:30 to warm-up. They cannot be bothered during this time for conversation, photos, etc.
  5. Let's show them what 802 is all about!

Saturday Open Heat Schedule

View your Saturday & Monday Heat Schedule below.Take a close look at who you also may be judging.Let us know by EMAIL (info@802crossfit.com) ASAP if we forgot you or there is an error.22.2 Heats



Scoresheet & Work-Out Details



The Board

The Mobility

Low Back MobilityBird Dog

The Warm-Up

Down Dog Toe TouchGood Mornings (PVC)

Some Great Tips


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