Tuesday 4/18/23

April 17, 2023
Tuesday 4/18/23

Ready to Run Seminar

If you are plagued with running related pain, and find this movement extremely difficult, sign yourself up for our Ready to Run Seminar on Wednesday, 5/8 at 5:40pm. Free for all 802 members.

The Mobility

Banded Hamstring

Extended Child Pose

The Warm-Up

Lunge, Reach, Touch, Stretch


Banded DL Activates (sumo)

The Strength

Sumo DeadLifts

Active Rest=

Prone Scorpions

Kettlebell Swing Build

The Met-Con

12:00 Up Ladder

Reps of all movements will increase by 1 for the duration. Get as high as you can! 

The Finisher

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