Don't Miss 20.2 Announcement at 8pm: 10/17/19

September 27, 2022
Don't Miss 20.2 Announcement at 8pm: 10/17/19

20.2 Open Announcement 8pm

Don't miss it to see what is in store this week! Tune in Live at

BIG FAVOR to Ask....

A UVM film student will be at Friday Night Lights filming a short video for our website. We are trying to capture the essence of what makes CrossFit different.... the camaraderie, the drive, the community, the high fives, the cheers (all things that happen at Friday night lights). I need your help in displaying all this goodness as we dig through another tough Open WOD together! And if you want to do your hair and make-up and wear your best LuLu's that's okay too... JkJk!


The Secret to a Bigger Bench....

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Leg Drive is the Secret.With proper timing and foot position, leg drive will help you bench more weight safely.
  2. Set Your Feet Early. At the start of setup, pull your feet under you and get ready to press the heels in the ground.
  3. Some folks think stomping their heels through the floor, while others benefit from thinking about 'spreading' the floor.
  4. Drive Yourself Back Toward Your Head.Leg drive must initiate force backward toward the bar, not up toward the ceiling.
  5. As you press up, press yourself down into the bench and through the floor.

Give these cues a try and feel the difference!

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