Best WOD of the Week 2/4/23

February 2, 2024
Best WOD of the Week 2/4/23


Sunday, 2/5 9-11am with Casey Baczewski. Open Gym is a great time to work on skills you would like to get better at. Casey is incredibly knowledgable and we'd love to see you in there picking her brain!


Your goal is to make it through the list 3 times. Each time you go through, your total reps will decrease by 20, but your Row/Bike will stay the same.

Reps stated are total. A1 works while A2 rests.

For Example:

A1: 10 G2OH - A2: 10 G2OH (switching back and forth until 60 reps are complete)

Then move to Lateral Plate Hops


Row will be divided into 150m Sprint Splits, which equals 4 total switches

Bike sprints will also be equally divided into 4 total switches


Plate Ground to Overhead

Plate Hops (Lat/Fwd/Split/Burpee)

Dumbbell STOH

V-Ups/SL V-Ups

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Hang Power Clean (video demo shows from the hang - we will be going from the ground instead)

Kettlebell Sumo DL High Pull (Rx single arm - Per/Fit 2 Hands on DB)

Single Leg Tuck-Up

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