Best WOD of the Week 3/26/22

September 27, 2022
Best WOD of the Week 3/26/22

The Board

The Details

Athlete 1 will begin with AMRAP 1, while Athlete 2 begins with AMRAP 2.Athlete 1 will begin at the 0:00, and Athlete will start at 1:00.You will have 4 minutes rest between each, swapping equipment.You will work for 1:00, rest for 1:00You must choose a scaling that will get you to the Plate Lunges and Ball Slams. If you are not getting there, ESPECIALLY at the start, please scale back.You will have one score at the end. Total plate lunges + total ball slamsAMRAP #1

*Plate LungesAMRAP #2

*Ball Slams

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