Better Kettlebell Swings: 8/21/19

September 27, 2022
Better Kettlebell Swings: 8/21/19

Want to Improve Your Kettlebell Swing?

Make sure you are paying attention to the following...


By far, this is one of the biggest mistakes people make. The ketttlebell swing is done with explosive hip drive. As the bell is propelled forward horizontally, the kettlebell is raised approximately to shoulder level. The explosiveness of the hips is what projects the kettlebell, not the activation of the shoulder muscles. We MUST explode with hips for the swing to be effective and efficient. Always think about the explosiveness in your hips to maximize the swing properly. Its all about the hips folks.


The swing is a hinge, not a squat. The sooner we understand this, the better our swing, the better our results. Thehip hingeis a REALLY important concept to understand. If you dont hinge properly, its not a swing.


This a BIG one! If youre not breathing properly you lose power with the exercise. The swing is about power production, which you get from proper breathing. The best way to increase power is with abiomechanical breathing match.What does this mean? This means that youexhale with force production. In the case of the kettlebell swing, you exhale forcefully as the bell projects forward and you inhale as the kettlebell comes back between your legs. And, dont be afraid to let out a powerful hiss as you exhale forcefully. The hiss lets air out slowly.


The kettlebell swing is aballistic. That means we move fast and explosive. Again,fast and explosive. A huge mistake many people make is moving too slowly through the exercise. Again, it goes back to explosive hip drive you have with a proper kettlebell swing. We must move efficiently through the exercise, learn how to use our hips, and learn how to leverage the relationship between tension and relaxation. Its an explosive movement, not a slow movement.


Keep a firm, comfortable grip on the bell, but dont give it the death grip during the swing. Save that for the press.


At the top of the swing, when the kettlebell floats up to shoulder level, theglutes must be contracted. Remember the 1st point, explosive hip drive, right? Well, to finish the hip drive, we have to contract our glutes. Theres a great cue to remember to finish with your hips. The cue is pinch a coin. I think you probably know what that means. We must be aware ofglute contractionas we finish the swing. In addition to the hip power we have when doing this, we stabilize our pelvis and protect the back. Finish the swing with tight glutes at the top. It makes a

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