Best WOD of the Week: 4/15/23

April 20, 2023
Best WOD of the Week: 4/15/23


You will switch between a row and a run for the work-out duration. Once both athletes row, they will both run, then back to row etc. This will decrease run volume as we ramp up for the season.

The Row/Run should not be record setting - more of an 'active rest'. The score from this work-out comes from the AMRAP so you should make sure you are ready to hit that hard.

While A1 Rows/Runs, A2 will AMRAP until they finish

A1 will pick up where A2 leaves off.

If you find yourself stuck doing the same movements over and over, speed up or slow down your row/run so that it provides variety


D Ball Slams

Shoulder to Overhead =

Dumbbell Push Jerk


Dumbbell Push Press

Box Jumps

Step-Ups (with 1 DB held anywhere)

Single Leg Tuck-Up

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