Best WOD of the Week: 6/25/22

September 23, 2022
Best WOD of the Week: 6/25/22

The Board

The Details

Athlete 1 and 2 will run while Athletes 3 and 4 AMRAP.For both the Run and AMRAP, one person works while one person rests.The Run distance stated is divided. For example to Run 600m, A1 runs 150m while A2 rests, then A2 runs 150m, A1 rests then REPEAT for a combined total of 600m.While A1 and A2 are running, A3 and A4 are going back and fourth in the AMRAP.���� The AMRAP is meant to be fast switches back and fourth.You will AMRAP until the runners are done running.���� Whoever is working will close out the round, then it is your turn to run.

The Movements

Hang Power Clean (HPC)Bar HopsBurpeeD Ball SlamsPlate Ground to OverheadV-Taps

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