Breast Cancer Awareness Work-Out: 10/28/23

October 29, 2023
Breast Cancer Awareness Work-Out: 10/28/23


Today we come together to shine a light on a disease that effects hundreds of thousands each year. We wear our pink, and we have fun, but it's also a powerful morning that brings us together to remember and celebrate:

Those Fighting.

Those Who Have Fought.

Those Who Have Won.

Whose Who Have Survived.

And those Who Cary on the Legacies.

We will have a donation box to benefit the American Cancer Society, Making Strides located locally and a Bake Sale with Goodies to purchase for donations. Cash, Venmo, or Checks payable to the American Cancer Society are accepted.

Please join us! 

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to invite others outside of our community as we did last year.


Athlete 1 will either row or run (you will switch each round) while Athlete 2 goes through the list of movements.

When A1 finishes the row/run, they will pick up where their partner left off.


Plate Lunges

Dumbbell STOH


Single Leg Tuck-Up

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