Tuesday 9/19/23

September 18, 2023
Tuesday 9/19/23

The Mobility

The During Board

Upright Row

Good Mornings (PVC)

PVC Torso Rotation

The Strength

This strength is a complex, meaning you will move from one to the next without changing weight or setting the bar down between reps. You can re-adjust your grip/set-up if need be.

New CrossFitters - there is a lot of new vocabulary here. Do not be overwhelmed. We will guide you through and simplify as needed.

On a 2:30 Loop

Clean Deadlift

Hang Pull

Hang Clean

Lift Off with Pause in the hang


The Met-con

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 16:00

Kettlebell Hang Power Clean

Kettlebell Shoulder to Overhead

Kettlebell Swing


* @ Go and every 2:00 after Row for calories

The Finisher

DB Shrugs


15 Lat Pulls

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