Breast Cancer Awareness Work-Out: 10/29/22

October 28, 2022
Breast Cancer Awareness Work-Out: 10/29/22


Thank you to each one of you for joining us for the special work-out! Abilities, work-out experience, and weights moved on Saturday do not matter. What matters most is the greater cause that brings us all together!

Some will be joining us with experience and some will be coming for their first day. No matter where you are on this path, we will make sure you are given the tools to scale appropriately, be confident, and most important HAVE FUN!


Donations are not required. Those who have purchased a drop-in or a pre-ordered tee shirts have already made one. We will have a donation bucket available if you feel inclined, and any donation will get you a chance to WIN A NOBULL DUFFLE BAG!

All attendees will receive a FREE PAIR OF PINK NO BULL SOCKS


EVERYTHING WE DO AT 802 IS SCALED TO MEET INDIVIDUAL NEED. What that means is, It doesn't matter If you have worked out your entire life, or if this is your first day. We will help you to simply move, have fun and leave feeling better than you did when you arrived! 

Our coaches will help partner up all attendees with a friend or someone with similar abilities. We will go over all the work-out details upon arrival, but take a look at the video below to see scaling options and movement demos.

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