FIRST WOD of 2022 1/1/22

December 28, 2022
FIRST WOD of 2022 1/1/22

New Years Schedule Changes

Saturday 1/1: All Classes running as usual

The Board

The Details

This work-out begins on the rower, RINGING IN THE YEAR 2022! You will row 2022 total meters between you and your partner. The board fails to mention it is a Burden Row. The non-rowing athlete must hold the DB while they are resting. The row must be broken up as follows:

After the row, you will then perform the list of movements 3 times.Both athletes will do 1 Man Maker AT THE SAME TIMEThen, one athlete will work, while one rests. This part will not be a 'burden'.The reps stated are totalThe Man Makers are always done at the same time, and there will be no 'roll-over' into the rep. You must stand coming out of the V-Rotations and SLVuPs, then do the Man MakerAfter 3 rounds, you head back to the rower, and BUY-OUT OF THE YEAR 2021, by rowing 2021 meters. The work will be divided same as above, and it will once again be a 'burden' row.

The Movements

Man MakerDumbbell Hang Power Clean & JerkDown, Up & OverDumbbell Sumo Deadlift High Pull - Rx/Per will be going from the floor each repV-RotationsDumbbell ThrusterSingle Leg V-Ups

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