Fitness Friday 2/17/22

February 17, 2023
Fitness Friday 2/17/22

Schedule Changes

We have removed the 5:40pm class from the schedule on Friday nights for the next 3 weeks. This will allow us to set things up for our Saturday Main Event

We have also canceled CrossFit Kids on Saturday to accommodate our event.

Fitness Friday

The day before the Open is a common rest day for many. If you are not doing the WOD on Saturday, go all out! If you are doing the WOD on Saturday, please treat this as an active rest day. Stay light, just sweat! 

Board Edit

For the warm-up, go through the first 4 movements (JJ/CWC/AS/Mtn Climb) for 3 Rounds, THEN in the time remaining go through the final 4 movements as many rounds as possible.

The Met-Con

You will work for 2:00, then get 1:00 of rest for 10 Rounds

The work-out starts on the rower. You will row as many meters as you can in 0:45. Write this down and reset the rower each round.

Then move to the AMRAP for the remainder of time:

You will pick up where you left off each round.



Plate Ground to Overhead

Plate Hops


The Finisher

5:00 Bike Flush

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