Fitness Friday 3/17/23

March 16, 2023
Fitness Friday 3/17/23


Bench Chest Opener

Bicep Smash

Towel Stretch


General Warm-Up DURNG board explanation

Torso Rotations

Phelps Swings


10:00 to organize/test/build to first round


6 Rounds for 38:00

Cycle through from one movement to the next. No Score. Friday FUNday!

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Single Arm OH Tricep Extension

Power Strapless Strokes on Rower with Damper set to 8-10

Barbell Bent Over Row (regular grip)

EZ Bar Curls or Alternating DB Curls

Tempo Barbell Good Mornings (3 seconds down -1 second at the bottom -2 seconds on the way up -1 second at the top)

Suitcase Carry (one KB/DB switch as needed)

Ball Over Shoulder

REST/FLEX/POSE as needed 💪🏻


What's a metcon??? Just a "bro sesh" today :)


Ring Dips & Scaling

Barbell Curls

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