The Second Pull: 7/17/19

September 27, 2022
The Second Pull: 7/17/19

The Pull of Olympic Lifting

The 1st Pull is moving the bar from the floor, the goal of the 2nd pull is to keep the bar as close to the thigh as possible before a violent connection with the hips. If this is done correctly the bar will shoot upwards. Too much forward hip Drive & the bar will be incorrectly pushed too far forward, making it loop away from your body & decrease your chance for making the lift.Stay over the bar as long as possible during this portion of the pull. This maintains tension in your hips that can be used to drive the bar upwards into the next phase.Pull your chest vertical too soon & many lifters will end up dragging the bar up the thigh which increases friction on the bar against the thigh & slows the speed of the lift.Wednesday Brings Snatch Work. First we will work on speed and getting under the bar through High Hang (1/4 way down the thigh), to Hang (bar above the knees) to the full Snatch (from the floor).www.hookgrip.comExtra Work:Liftoffs and Shrugs

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