The Jerk Balance: 7/9/19

September 27, 2022
The Jerk Balance: 7/9/19

Jerk Balances are a great warm-up to get your ready for the complete lift. We will begin our Tuesday Strength session with them before going into the Split Jerk (unless you are brand new to CF, you will be doing Push Jerks).ExecutionStep about a foot-length back with the front foot into a partial split positionthis will be the starting position for each rep. Keeping your weight balanced evenly between the front and back foot, dip straight down, drive straight up, and step the front foot forward into the full split position while punching the bar up into the overhead position. The back foot should stay connected to the floor throughout the movement and your weight should be balanced evenly between your feet when your front foot reconnects with the floor. The hips should move forward slightly as you step the front foot to keep them under the bar in the split position.NotesThe most common errors in this exercise are diving the chest forward rather than stepping into the split with the front foot and hips and leaning too much weight on the front foot. The trunk should remain approximately vertical (only inclining forward slightly as required by a proper overhead position) and the weight always evenly balanced between the front and back feet.PurposeThe jerk balance is useful for teaching and practicing the proper movement of the body under the bar during the split jerk for athletes who have a habit of diving the head and chest through and leaving the hips behind the bar. Its also helpful for teaching better balance between the feet in the split position rather than overloading the front leg.

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